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Archived News

April 2001

4.30.01 A New Poll Added!

4.29.01 Don't mess with Count Dooku!

4.29.01 What styles of martial arts lend themselves best to Jedi-style combat? Are the individual fighting styles of new characters made up or are there 'canon' issues to consider?

4.28.01 The new George's Vision is now online!

4.28.01 Mace's New Wallpaper!

4.27.01 Dull Episode II Select!

4.26.01 Episode II Dialogue!

4.25.01 Never underestimate the power of the Force!

4.24.01 Get your Applications in for Site of the Month!

4.24.01 A Jedi Imposter?

4.24.01 Galactic Voyage is The Chosen Site!

4.23.01 A New Affiliate!

4.23.01 How many iterations of character, mechanical and technical concepts do you tend to do before you 'find' your final designs?

4.22.01 Star Wars:The Special Edition!

4.22.01 New Wallpaper by Mace!

4.21.01 New Online Game Added!

4.20.01 Episode II Select delivered on schedule!

4.19.01 Pictures of the Clonetroopers!

4.19.01 Happy Birthday to the future Sith Lord!

4.18.01 More New Wallpaper!

4.18.01 Pictures of Episode II Weapons!

4.17.01 Happy Birthday to the Emperor!

4.17.01 Episode II Select is back!

4.16.01 What about the Episode II Select?

4.15.01 Happy Easter!

4.13.01 New Wallpaper!

4.12.01 Kenny Baker gets to play R2!

4.11.01 Awesome new look at the Official Site!

4.11.01 New Guy Lagacé "GEORGE'S VISIONS" Picture!

4.10.01 Captain Tarpals with Kaadu Target Exclusive!

4.9.01 R5-M2 Added to the Characters Section!

4.8.01 Episode II Call Sheet!

4.7.01 New Poll Added!

4.06.01 Star Wars Figure Sale!

4.05.01 New Episode II Select!

4.5.01 Confederacy of Independent Systems!

4.5.01 Owen Lars Interview!

4.5.01 In Star Wars, why does the Death Star go around the planet Yavin to blow up the fourth moon when it can simply blow up Yavin first (as it did Alderaan) and then the fourth moon without wasting any time?

4.3.01 Will Qui-Gon Return?

4.2.01 Episode II Bounty Hunter Interview!

4.1.01 Great April Fools Stuff!

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