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Askajians were a humanoid species from the planet Askaj. Misunderstood by the galactic populace at large, the Askajians were only recently brought into the galactic arena. They are peaceful and unsophisticated, preferring the life of home and children.

Due to their bulk, they are often dismissed as corpulent, unattractive humans. Actually, the species hoards water in epidermal sacs that help them survive long periods of time without additional moisture. When they are in less hostile environments, Askajians become far slimmer. They can expend up to 60 percent of their stored water without any detriment to their health.

Askajian females give birth to up to six children at a time. They refer to their children as cubs, and each female possesses six breasts with which they nurse. Askajians live in a primitive tribal culture with no real technology. Tribes often battle over watering holes or herding rights, and are led by chieftains, whose right to lead is determined by bloodline.

Living mostly by gathering plants and hunting, Askajians especially hunted large, woolly beasts called tomuons. One of the most important figures in an Askajian tribe was the weaver, who knew the secret techniques to create tomoun cloth. Tomoun cloth was a strong, yet soft and wrinkle-resistant fabric which was a high-demand luxury item as far away as the Core Worlds. As this was the only export the Askajians had, their tribes had been known to fight wars over the services of especially skilled weavers.

Dancers maintain a religious role as the keepers of a tribe's history and lore. One of the best-known Askajians is Yarna d'al' Gargan. This gentle, motherly Askajian was taken forcibly from her home to serve Jabba the Hutt as a slave. After Jabba's death, Yarna dictated the story of her first meeting with Jabba the Hutt to a New Republic reporter.

We stood there before him, weak and bruised from our captors' brutality, my mate Nautag and I and our three remaining cublings. Jabba inspected us with glee, eyeing each and every one of us, wearing his horrible, permanent grin.

"These slaves will serve me well," he said to Bib Fortuna. "Prepare them for their tasks and give the children to me."

Nautag stepped in front of us. "No, " he snarled. "My wife and cubs will not be slaves." Jabba's low, dark laugh
echoed through the room. "Come then," he said. "Challenge me, if you dare."

Bravely, Nautag charged, but Jabba's fist hit a control that opened the floor beneath my mate. As I watched, a huge creature devoured him in a matter of seconds.

I let out a sorrowful wail as Jabba's guards wrenched my cubs from my arms. He ordered that I be brought closer.

"You will dance for me. Continue to serve me faithfully and you will earn freedom for you and your children."

I was dragged away, weeping hysterically. It was the last I was to see of my cubs for a year and a half. After that. Ugly One was to be my name, for no one but my fellow dancers ever asked me my real one.

My name, Yarna, means "beautiful."

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